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LA Noire & The Case of Moral Dissonance

7 Aug

FPS ModI borrowed LA Noire from a friend the other day and I’ve been enjoying it for the most part. The performances are impressive, graphics nice, and the procedural investigation is a change-up from the usual mindless warmongering video games mainly consist of. It reminds me of an old point-and-click adventure game, but updated for a CSI-watching generation like us. The structure of the cases, so far, has been this: Cutscene of Cole Phelps (the main character and Ken Cosgrove on Mad Men) in WWII showing some aspect of his character, cutscene of the crime in question happening, drive to the crime scene, investigate by picking up random objects, drive to suspect’s house, badger them about the crime, drive to other suspect’s house or have a chase scene with prior suspect, and then finally end the case with a shoot-out in downtown LA. Now I’m stereotyping a bit, but that’s been the general structure for the 8 cases I’ve played so far.

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