Secret Cephalopods + Other Stuff

14 Feb

The Other Stuff First

I’ve started reading for fun again. Like actually reading full novels instead of graphic novels or magazines! I’m feeling pretty intellectually stimulated about it actually. I’ve been reading Robert A. Heinlein’s Stranger In A Strange Land, which, like basically everything I read, is science fiction. I would say I have maybe read a little less than half of it so far, but I’m impressed. The basic crux of the story deals with a human raised completely by Martians and then thrust back into the complex politics of Earth. The world created in the story has been impressive in its concepts of future Earth, though sometimes a bit old-fashioned (but that’s fair, the book was written in the 60s). I’ll post more thoughts about it when I actually finish it.

So Lady Gaga released a new single not long ago. Not a huge fan of it. Even ignoring the obvious similarities to Madonna’s Express Yourself , Born This Way comes off to me as extremely cheesy. Not to mention it reeks of political soap-boxing too. It makes me sad to say this, because I was actually looking forward to her new album. It may not be a first day buy for me now. All this coming from the guy who jumped at the chance to purchase Lollapalooza tickets to see Lady Gaga. =(

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I’m Not Dead

13 Feb

So the last week or so I haven’t done much worth writing about. At least nothing that anyone would want to read about. Here soon, I’m going to start posting more. I’m probably going to start reviewing various things so be on the look out for posts soon. I promise most posts will be much longer and more interesting than this one.  Until then, here is a picture I found on the Internets.

Scary Sock

Previously On…

2 Feb

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog.

I have been meaning to sit down and do this for a long time actually, but I am just now getting around to it. Things that have prevented me from doing this earlier include, but aren’t limited to: procrastination, fear, and genuinely being busy. Here I am though! I pressed on and made it to this point.

A good way to start anything (except for maybe certain criminal activities) is with an introduction. I was born in Memphis, TN and I have lived there for quite a few years. I have also lived in Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Arizona for varying amounts of time. I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to my interests. I studied/am studying digital media in college, and I love it. I’m interested in web development. I also enjoy video games and the industry of video games. Occasionally I also take some time to listen to music, read some books, and watch neat-o movies. Some other Colt Trivia facts are Colt is my middle name, I have a strange love for professional wrestling, and I hate tying shoes.When it comes to Mac vs. PC I have no preference; I do believe Linux is for hippies, however. I wear T-shirts and jeans almost exclusively and I pride myself on being listed on the Internet Movie Database.  That should cover the basics.

Because of my previously stated interests, I’m probably going to write about things that vaguely pertain to those. I may also rant or rave about various other pop culture happenings. I’ll probably never speak about politics because I don’t want the controversy and I will also stay away from personal matters, because those are uninteresting and will be posted on my LiveJournal instead.

If you’re still reading this, great! I hope you continue to read and I hope I continue to update! See ya around guys!