Online Passes Suck. Seriously.

19 Oct

Turn your head sideways. WP wouldn't let me edit it.

I could be playing Batman: Arkham City right now, but I’m writing this stupid blog. Why? Because, I have to redeem a code to get extra storyline and gameplay content as Catwoman. It’s a code that comes with all NEW copies of the game (which I purchased) or for $9.99 for the cheapskates that bought used. “What’s the deal, Colt?” you might ask. The deal is that I have to wait about an hour for it to download because my network is crap.  Great. Awesome. I can’t play the SINGLE-PLAYER game in full as soon as I get home because I’m downloading content that was previously suggested to have been on the disc.

[Edit: I’ve actually written most of this blog in TextEdit because the Internet is completely gone at my house. Uploaded after it came back up.]

So what are online passes? Well these days if a publisher of a game wants to make darn sure they get paid from every purchase, they lock out a part of the game behind a code that’s only present in new purchases. Used buyers are forced to buy the content for usually around 9.99 if they want access to it. This is silly for used buyers of  newer titles because those usually run for about 54.99 (as opposed to 59.99) at Gamestop, which with the added 10 bucks makes it a more expensive purchase. So there’s a win for capitalism. The only thing is: previously this “new game only” content has been extraneous (for the most part) like multiplayer modes or extra challenge missions. Things that aren’t entirely necessary to get the full value out of the product, especially in the case of single-player titles. However, WB Games saw fit to lock a whole side story and other playable segment behind a code forcing me to write this blog instead of being the GD Batman. That just plain sucks.

This just goes to show once again that in the realm of digital content, the  corporations are still (sadly) king. Whether it be from DRM or now these online passes, the “Man” is still screwing over the honest consumer to achieve maximum profits. Woohoo.


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